We are asked quite often where we got the name “BABE.” It all started with two aspiring International Board of Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), who had a dream of offering lactation consultations to families in Houston and the surrounding areas.

We were two La Leche League leaders, sitting for the IBCLC exam at the same time when we decided to join forces and start a private practice together. What would we call our new business venture? Months were spent pondering a name; not too cutesy, not too dull, something catchy. We both lived south of Houston in the “Bay Area.” So more than six years ago, Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education – or BABE - was born.

We embarked on forming a business that would offer families judgement- free support, coupled with the expertise of an IBCLC, the experience of a long time La Leche Leader, and the mothering experience we gained from our own children (in fact, between the 4 of us we have 17 children!!). BABE started by offering consultations in the homes of the families they serve.

BABE has grown and changed over the last six years. We now offer in-home and in-office lactation consultations for clients, as well as classes all over the Houston area, from Galveston to Oak Forest to Katy and over to Sugarland, all across the inner loop and straight down to Angleton and the coast!

We have partnered with Pearland Pediatrics to provide lactation consultations to breastfeeding families in their pediatric office. BABE now has an established Corporate Lactation Program that offers classes and consultations to large corporations across Houston and remotely around the world.

BABE is now solely owned by Leah Jolly, but our mission remains unchanged: to provide excellent lactation support in a caring environment that inspires families to have the confidence to reach their own breastfeeding goals.

In 2015, Ambrosia Low joined our team as our Administrative Assistant, we call her the brain of BABE! She is responsible for all the inner workings of BABE and has truly been the most amazing asset BABE has. She is our first point of contact and she is gifted at helping families feel heard and cared for. 

Leah also invited Heather Armenoff, BS, IBCLC to join the BABE team, in 2015. Heather has been an amazing addition to BABE and our clients love her. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped BABE grow and expand. 

In 2018, Rita Vasquez, BSN, RN, IBCLC joined the team and is helping to further our mission to reach more families across north Houston. We are excited to have her join our mission to empower breastfeeding families.

BABE is dedicated to the families we serve and committed to providing superior lactation support and evidence-based care to every family we encounter.

What Services Does BABE provide?

BABE offers full service lactation consultations in your own home. We offer pre- and post-natal consultations, breastfeeding classes, and group presentations. Lactation consultants can help evaluate infant feeding, troubleshoot problems, offer suggestions for breast and nipple pain, and give mothers the tools they need to meet their breastfeeding goals.