Corporate Lactation Programs

Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education, LLC provides corporate lactation services to businesses across the Houston area. These services help to empower breastfeeding parents in the work place while helping corporations retain valuable employees.

Our corporate lactation services include:

Quarterly Lactation Classes
Classes are provided on-site and at convenient times for working families. We offer a Breastfeeding Basics Class and a Return to Work Class. In the Breastfeeding Basics class, we help families get breastfeeding off to a great start by providing foundational information about breastfeeding anatomy and physiology as well as practical tips and techniques to ensure a successful start on their breastfeeding journey. Our second class, Returning to Work, empowers breastfeeding parents to meet their breastfeeding goals when returning to the workplace. We help breastfeeding parents thrive in both their work and in their personal breastfeeding journey.

One on One Return to Work Support
Individual consultations educate and empower the breastfeeding parent as they return to work. We provide breastfeeding strategies, review breast pump use, check pump function and integrity of pump parts, review pump routines and scheduling of pump sessions to protect milk production. Education is also provided for the family on safe milk handling and storage as well as bottle feeding strategies to protect the breastfeeding relationship.

Lactation Support Consulting
Support and education provided to the Human Resource Department addressing the needs and concerns of breastfeeding parents. We will provide HR with resources for breastfeeding families and help facilitate a supportive work environment for these employees. Assistance can also be provided on the design and location of lactation rooms, assessing the need of breastfeeding parents in the workplace.

Supporting breastfeeding families in the work place has a powerful impact on employee retention and morale. Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education is here to provide you the services your company needs to support and empower breastfeeding families in the work place. For more information, please contact us at 713-496-2223.