The Best Baby Shower Gift!

Have you sat in the aisle of a baby store wondering what in the world a new parent may need? There are gadgets upon gadgets promising to fix every conceivable issue a new baby presents to their adoring parents. Missing sleep? They have hundreds of devices to get the baby to sleep. Arms tired from carrying your precious little one? They’ve got that covered and in every possible color to boot! What about soothing a fussy baby….should you buy them gas drops or a pacifier and in what shape, size, color, design or brand?

Is this really what a new family NEEDS in those early days of bringing their precious new little life home? Ask any new parent days into the journey and most will tell you they need space and time to get to know their little one and if they are struggling with feeding their baby, they need guidance.

What if you could deliver guidance, support, knowledge, affirmation, tips and techniques for feeding, latching, soothing, holding and self-care, all wrapped up with a warm friendly smile?

Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education is “The Best Baby Shower Gift!” BABE offers Lactation Consultation gift certificates for every sized pocket book. Your loved one will be thanking you for years to come for the peace and guidance in those overwhelming early days.

When they may be wondering if they are “doing it right” you will be able to send them “a confidence building professional” to see them through. Purchase by calling 713-496-2223 or email


Elizabeth Alvarado

Five loaves.

Two fish.

Whatever you have, it is ENOUGH. When you offer what you have, small gifts become magnified. 

What do we do? We brand, market, design, develop and create beautiful things. 

We believe that strength is for service, not status.

Our marketing and public relations experience spans from American Quarter Horses to Texas Country Music, from sushi to pizzas, and city government to humane societies. We create concepts, bring them to life through graphic design, and then put them in motion through print, online and social mediums.

View the gallery for a samples of our work and let me know how we can elevate your five and two.