5 Tips for Burping Your Baby [Video]

A question that I hear often from moms is whether a breastfeeding baby needs to burp or not after a feeding. As with most things, it really all depends on each individual baby! It can even depend on that particular feeding, because sometimes when baby eats quickly, that can create air bubbles even if you don’t usually need to burp your baby. In the following video, I demonstrate a great way to burp a baby.

In summary:

  1. Sit baby upright on your lap.
  2. Make a Y shape with your hand and create a cradle for the face without putting any pressure on the baby’s neck. Let your baby lean forward slightly with your hand resting on their chest for support.
  3. Always keep a hand on baby’s back for stability.
  4. Gently pat baby’s back. If baby doesn’t burp after a few minutes, gently lean your baby back and rub the tummy to move around any bubbles.
  5. When you bring baby back up to sitting as in step one, try patting again, and you may get a burp this time.

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