5 Ways to Get More Milk When You Pump

It's not uncommon for moms to experience dips in their milk supply at varying stages in their breastfeeding journey. These tips will be helpful for working moms, moms working to build milk supply, and the occasional pumper.

Shake and dangle! Just prior to pumping, remove your bra and lean forward. Allow your breasts to hang while you gently shake and massage them for couple of minutes.

Try relaxation techniques! Once you start the pump, spend the first several minutes taking some deep breaths, counting to 4 while breathing in, then counting to 4 while breathing out. Allow your whole body to relax, and focus your mind on the sensation of the pump on your nipples. Some women also find it helpful to think about their baby and picture themselves feeding their baby.

Use your hands! Throughout the pump session, use your hands to massage and compress your breast tissue. Feel for areas that may be fuller or more dense than other parts of your breasts. Massage from the outer portion of the breast forward to the nipple.

Stop and re-start the pump! Pumping is just one sensation over and over; your body can actually desensitize and become less responsive to the pump. Halfway through the pump session or when you see that the milk flow has slowed, stop the pump and gently jiggle and massage your breasts briefly before restarting the pump.

Add in some mini pumps! It can be difficult to find time to add in another 15-20 minute pump session, but even a short session on one or both breasts can boost supply and pump output. A hand pump or hand expression can be a great way to get in a few extra minutes pumping. Hand express or pump for 5-10 minutes on one or both breasts at random times throughout the day.

Please share any tips you have for getting more out of your breast pump!