Positional Pointers!

As a new mom, remembering all the "correct" latching techniques can be overwhelming and if a laid back approach isn't working, having simple straight forward pointers can help! Here are a few pointers that can help new moms insure they're latching well:

  • Baby's whole body is in contact with Mom, baby's body is tucked under Mom's opposite breast and Mom's forearm holds baby firmly against her.
  • Baby's head is slightly tilted back, and baby has a wide open gape when you pull them close. Baby comes to the breast with chin deeply pressed into the breast and nose free from the breast.
  • Baby sucks and swallows throughout feeding, and there is no pain past the first few seconds of latching.
  • When baby comes off the breast the nipple should look elongated but not compressed or pinched...close to what it looked like going into Baby's mouth.

If these techniques aren't working, it may be time to find help to ensure your baby learns to latch well.