Sometimes breastfeeding parents may feel their milk supply dipped out of nowhere or some have been struggling to get their supply up from the beginning. No matter what your situation, low milk production can be very challenging and advise to increase low milk supply can often be very confusing. We’re told to drink more water or Blue Gatorade, eat Lactation cookies, pump every hour or power’ve probably heard a hundred others and the list goes on and on!  The truth is, discovering the underlying cause of low milk supply can lead you to answers on how to increase your milk production. The lactation consultants at BABE specialize in identifying the underlying causes of low milk production then target those specific areas to build strategies to boost production for your individual situation. No matter what, each drop of you precious milk is an amazing gift you are providing your child. Whether you produce one ounce a day or twenty ounces a day you are amazing and your child is so blessed to have such a dedicated parent striving to give them all the breastmilk they can! 

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