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When people first hear that I am a “Lactation Consultant,” I may just get a blank stare.  Or, a curious raised eyebrow.  I always welcome the opportunity to educate the public.  For me, this field of study was more of a “calling;” a clear and natural choice I made 15 years ago…at least professionally.

My journey towards becoming an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) began with my being hired as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor (BFPC) with the Texas WIC Program.  My work there was personally very gratifying.  This, in turn, compelled me towards my chosen career path.  I continued my employment with WIC for about 5 years while working diligently towards my IBCLC certification and ongoing work towards a Bachelor’s degree.

Shortly after successfully passing the board exam and receiving my IBCLC certification in 2010, I was offered a position at Seton Medical Center in Round Rock, Texas as a Lactation Consultant.  A few months later, they approached me with an expanded role of Parent Educator, teaching their prenatal breastfeeding classes, something I thoroughly enjoyed.

Following my relocation to the Houston area, I was blessed with an offer to join the Lactation Team at the prestigious Texas Childrens Hospital in the downtown Medical Center.  I learned a great deal and worked with some amazing and committed breastfeeding champions.  It was at this time that I redefined and declared my college major to a very specific degree in Maternal Child Health: Human Lactation.  Then, through a perfect series of events, I applied for and was selected to join Bay Area Breastfeeding & Education (B.A.B.E.) in 2015… a match made in “Lactation Heaven!” Following my transition to becoming a BABE,  I completed my course of study and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree.

Having nursed six (yes.  I said 6) children of my own, including a set of twins, no one has to convince me it can get tough at times.  But, we can all agree that the merits of breastmilk and breastfeeding for our babies’ overall health and well-being is what motivates us.  In the end it is a personal journey.  And without question, some difficulties can be encountered.  My desire is to assist families in setting goals and to help them navigate through the rough spots.  The glory is all yours!