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Just a note of thanks as Kinsey and I reach our one year “nursaversary”! We have nursed all over the place from Grand Central Station in NYC to Disney World. As I reflect on what an amazing year this has been I can’t help but be filled with gratitude for all the help we received in those early and stressful days. With your help I went from low supply to a freezer stocked with over 1000 oz of breast milk when I returned to work. I was even able to donate a little.
You do amazing work! I am so fortunate to have met you!
Thanks once again,
— LS
Without the technical help with positioning and latch from Leah, I am sure that my early days of breastfeeding my first son would have been much more difficult. She was able to instill confidence in my ability to breastfeed my baby at a time when I was unsure and almost ready to give up! Leah’s encouragement and support was a crucial part of my success in exclusively breastfeeding my first son for 18 months!
At the advice of my amazing BABES lactation consultant, Leah Jolly, I took a nursing vacation! I stayed home from work Wednesday – Friday, stayed in my most comfy clothes on the couch with my sweet sweet baby, and we nursed, nursed, nursed, on demand, as often and long as she wanted, while we watched Netflix, all the way through the weekend. I rededicated myself to taking my vitamins and supplements on time, and upped my water intake significantly. By the time I went back to work on Monday, everything was back to normal, and has been for the last month! Yaaaay! And we’ve been nursing happily ever after since then! Can’t thank BABEs enough! Leah…you are amazing!
— Christina
I have appreciated the knowledge and compassion that Leah displays as she works with a mom on breastfeeding issues. Her ability to empathize with mothers and help them figure out what will work for that particular dyad are key characteristics that enable her to be successful. I am so excited that she is now an IBCLC so more women can benefit from her experience.
— Local pediatrican
Misti gifted my baby and I the surreal thrill of breastfeeding. At birth my sweet baby was reluctant to latch. Misti taught us both how to latch and love it. Misti also saved my milk. With a little of her advice, after a sudden and severe loss of milk, my supply is back. Today, as a working mother, my baby enjoys both the boob and the bottle and moves freely between them. There is not a single feeding where I don’t think about the amazing Misti.
— Tali K.
I am always recommending BABE because I had such a lovely experience with you [...] and I never EVER felt an ounce of judgement from either of you. [Y]ou let me set my own goals, respected them, and helped me get there. [P]lease keep supporting women the way that you do. [T]here is nothing worse than being shamed as a new mom...or even as an old one, for that matter... [Y]ou helped me greatly in pinpointing issues that I had with my son. although our nursing relationship wasn’t as successful as me being able to exclusively breastfeed, I was very at peace with what our relationship turned out to be, because I received such awesome support around it. BABE is wonderful because it is pro-mama, not pro-agenda.
— Ashley M.